The small enterprise diversification

“Countries nine”, “law” the cutoff point increase… Although good news continuously came, but facing rising costs, such as demand fell multiple pressures, Dan kitchen hardware small micro enterprise general management difficult situation at that time is difficult to reverse. For pretty hard times, many enterprises by reducing the labor, development sideline, diversify, seek development way, a few enterprise but to close the door. Although small micro enterprise less input, flexible operation, “ship small good turn around,” but, based on the entire industry and the development of the region, transformation and upgrade will still is the only way.

Located in nansha village in a residential building in nanhai major sprouting hardware products Co., LTD. Is the village home to more than 300 small micro enterprises in the hardware a member. The first floor is 60 square metre of the plant and a of the boss’s office, upstairs is the dormitory of the workers. 10 to machines in the workshop is open, only the most near the door that one of the light, a worker at the side busy; The door of the office, in three workers are leisurely wipe the production completed car prevent slippery pedal, ready to packaging boxes.

Company officials LiYongXin told reporters that he had 10 to a worker, but because in the past two years, since business was light orders fell, he had to shrinking of people. Now, the company is only four workers, several machinery is then “unemployed”.

LiYongXin to nansha do hardware processing has been almost 20 years. Main production car early hid xenon lamp accessories, motorcycles and cars to do after the hardware accessories. In addition to supply products to guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai and other domestic automobile fittings factory outside, still have a lot of exported to European and American area. At present, he is to the Philippines merchants production license plate box, and the other to some customers production car foot pedals. “It sounds like good, but actually quantity is not large, moreover the profit is very low.” LiYongXin said.

“The 2008 financial crisis, also have no effect, however, the two years more and more light, to this year is the most light. Feels as if it is in the wake of the financial crisis has finally arrived.” LiYongXin said, in the order of sharply reduce the present, “in order to make a living, so long as can do live, what die casting in plastic, we all take.”

Some time ago he just answer a welding circuit board of order, the two cigarette case the size of the circuit boards welding 13 joint, although technical content is not high, but requirement worker carefully, carelessly a bit, the product is unqualified or destroyed. “I carefully calculated, welding a joint price is 5 points and five, and I artificial, water, electricity, such as tax cost plus to reach 5 minutes and 4, with each joint I earn only 1 to.” LiYongXin reluctantly said.

He said this year also could stay up to come over, but can you make money is hard to say. “This year can raise living in two cars, don’t lose money is pretty good.”

Upgrade is way out

According to the relevant person in charge of the nansha JingLianShe LiShuMing introduction, nansha village most enterprise all and a major come about, another five or six enterprises slightly bigger scale, and the rest is more small family type enterprise. In this year of huge business pressure, nansha for several small micro enterprise closes stop production. Among them, “Dan kitchen hardware” father of the most brilliant XuCai business hardware factory has staff more than 120 people, to earlier this year only he and his two people, to June because no order and shut the door.

The reduction of the number of employing workers also directly shows the the recession. LiShuMing told reporters that 2007 years before and after, nansha hardware enterprise there are more than 6000 migrant workers, and now there are only less than 4000. Many small micro enterprise though not close the door, but start obviously deficiencies. The decrease in the number of employing workers, rest days increase a common situation. “According to the usual practice, we here before is the first day of each month, a day off, but now often a month rest 3 or 4-day even more.”

To this, “Dan 01 road” bus drivers feel very deep. “Dan 01 road” connected the nansha village and Dan stove city center, according to the driver reflect, before each month 1, a large number of workers out holiday, traffic pressure. “Every bus are stuffed full, even if 10 car out together, and it may not able to pull them all. Now workers less than before.”

However, the so-called “ship small good turn around”, little micro enterprise due to the scale of small, less input, management is relatively flexible. “Although at present the situation is more difficult, but all the business owners in pushing insist, don’t really have the order, then they downsized, even temporarily shut down; and when have the chance to come again.” LiShuMing said.

Industry points out that, although small micro enterprise can temporarily closed down, but from the whole industry and the development of the region to see, based on long-term, transformation and upgrade will be by the way of the will. As for the transformation and upgrading of road in the direction the enterprise and government need to explore.

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