Hardware Lock functional characteristics of the future more apparent

In 2006, China’s hardware industry, the high-end household brands – Oppe brass at home, will be more mature round landing six series of products in China, China’s hardware industry as a whole bring new ideas and change, triggered one of the “Coppersystem at home, “concerns.Recently, Oppe Mr. Wu Weimin, general manager of copper at home to accept media interviews.Turning to the future development of the industry trends in hardware, Wu Zong believes that the lock is characterized in terms of functionality and openness of the future will especially Wu Zong said the hardware in our lives in a very broad scope, we can say people’s daily lifeThe clothing, housing, and transportation, are inseparable from the hardware products.Take the door, the door’s hinge, door locks, cat’s eye, the door smoking and so on, these are related to hardware related.Everywhere at home can not be separated in hardware, almost all need to connect the site requires a fixed location, the site will need the need for flexible hardware.    

    In regard to the future development trend of hardware products, Wuzong to lock as an example.In his view, lock the future development trend of functional characteristics will be more apparent, particularly in intelligence will become increasingly prominent.With regard to functionality in this regard, he will be divided into two forms, a kind of intelligent electronics tend to belong to one category is part of a traditional mechanized

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