China’s rising oil prices increasing the cost of the hardware industry

“Oil prices also rose, this means that the production and operation costs for hardware companies to increase again. Sustained high oil prices, increasing the cost of the hardware industry has a profound impact on the development of the hardware industry.” Yesterday, the China Science and Technology Hardware City years of operating hardware china Shelf Bracket tools the surname Hu vendors said.

The rise in oil prices virtually increase the hardware cost of logistics enterprises. It is understood that, fuel costs accounted for 1/3 of the hardware cost of logistics enterprises, of hardware companies spend on enterprise logistics costs are also many. Therefore, the oil price increases of the hardware business of logistics and transport a significant influence.

The National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the evening of February 24, since at 0:00 on the 25th, the price of gasoline and diesel per ton, up 300 yuan and 290 yuan. View from the price increases, No. 0 diesel oil rose 0.26 yuan per liter. This is the first time this year to adjust the prices of refined oil.

Many vendors said that the rise in oil prices is Bracket Shelf manufacturer not the only factor that plagued enterprise development. Faced with the pressure of soaring energy prices and rising labor costs, the appreciation of the renminbi, the electricity shortage, the traditional metal products processing enterprises is undergoing upgrading and structural adjustment.

I found in the Hardware City visited grade hardware products on the market than in previous years has increased, not only the product range even more dazzling, and the quality is also gradually to high, refined, pointed forward, forming a good development trend of vying .

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