China’s hardware industry steady growth of trade surplus to further expand

China’s hardware industry is growing steadily, from a time point of view, a few years ago, China’s hardware industry, the overall grade is not too high, many small and medium enterprises,Shelf Bracket supplies lower start, mostly small workshops; relatively large changes in recent years, namely, the quality of personnel to improve, such as the person in charge of Beijing will build the country’s largest hardware market, “China Hardware City”, are Dr. postdoctoral person; second is to raise the level of technology and management, such as the Great Wall Seiko factory, in the process, management already has a very high level.

From the technology point of view, the current domestic production of technology standards is uneven, many foreign manufacturers as their products processing base in China, many enterprises have access to the mainland market to the heavy duty shelf bracket international community.

Now is the stage of the upgrading of the Chinese hardware products, from low-end to high-end products, the transition period. This is very favorable for the development of China’s hardware industry, production of foreign products to domestic transfer process, inevitably including raw materials, including some foreign advanced production technology, management mode with brought.

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