18 Shelf Brackets to Prop Up Your Books (and Beyond)

Picking out shelf brackets is both the best and worst part of putting up shelves: best because it’s an opportunity to make a design statement; worst because you’ve got to find the perfect set. (Okay, okay, actually hanging them is possibly the worst part, but it’s made a lot easier if you have a good laser level and a whole bunch of ribbed anchors for your screws.) Will you go for a pronounced brass finish or something more subtle? An industrial white steel or a pop of powder-coated color? A classic triangular shape or a boltlike peg? There’s a lot to choose from, so we rounded up 18 of our favorite wall brackets you can shop for online. Top them off with rustic reclaimed wood planks or manicured ones painted the color of the wall. And a little advice from Home Depot: For longer shelves, add a bracket every 48 inches; for heavy loads, pick larger brackets and lessen the space between them.

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